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The pay for love chapter 7


Pairing : Kyumin, kangteuk, kangmin.

length : 8/9 ( epilogue)

rating : overall R

genre : romance, angst, drama, SMUT

Disclaimer : the idea is mine, if it has some similarity with other fic, I do apologize, but IT REALLY IS MINE.

Summary :kyuhyun is a genius smart ass, he known with his stubbornness. everything he want must be his. and he found one that he really want, a pretty man who is older than him. Lee Sungmin.

but what will happen when the pretty man he love is actually his cousin's boyfriend?
what trick is up under his sleeve to own the man he love?
could it be that he is just a cold hearted man who selfishly didn't to care about anyone else, including his own cousin?

The moment he open the door to sungmin’s apartment (sungmin gave him his keys because he tired of opened the door for kyuhyun) he heard a familiar laughter. His lips curved up lightly, he loves whenever sungmin giggling cutely like this. Judging from the single voice in the room, the other man probably is talking with someone on the phone. Kyuhyun made his way quietly toward the man whose back facing him.

“stop joking, kangin ah! I hate it when you do this..” kyuhyun saw the pout come to surfaced. He stopped moving, his eyes glued to the cutely giggling sungmin.

“stop teasing me, or I’ll kick you when we meet later,” the high pitch hurting kyuhyun’s ear drum. Slowly he moved forward, just right above the clueless sungmin, he wrapped his arm around the smaller man shoulder.

Sungmin jerked his head up only to be kissed fiercely by the taller man. Kyuhyun doesn’t give him chance to say anything but pinned him on the sofa. His hand caught the phone with kangin worried voice asking what happened to sungmin, he smirked and flipped close the device before returned to sungmin willing body.

“S-stop kyuu..ngh..mmnn..” sungmin clutched the front shirt tightly when kyuhyun deepened the kiss. Kyuhyun sucked the tongue and let a “slurp” sound then begin licking the bottom lip eagerly.

“I miss you..” he reasoned. His tongue is licking a certain spot on sungmin’s smooth neck. He felt sungmin tilted his head to the side to give him more spaces, so willing like always.

“b-but I was o-on the phone..nghh..it’s rude,” said the pretty man in between his moans.

Kyuhyun ignored the replied. His mouth is busy sucking on to the pink hard nub to make the body’s owner moans louder.


“stop hurting yourself kyu, don’t you feel hurt too whenever you see sungmin with kangin? You saw it with your own eyes how they still love each other, cuddling like nothing happen between you and him.”

The sentences brought a sudden pain into his heart. He took a deep breath, after licking the tempted body he steal a glance toward the flustered man who was breathless.

Really? Was there nothing between us except forbidden affair?

“maybe you should give up too, kyu”

Kyuhyun face paled as another leeteuk’s words imprinted in his heart. Should he? Unwillingly he asked.

“k-kyuu..?” the soft voice entering his ear. He crawled up slowly on top sungmin’s face.

The sin. His beautiful sin. Can he leave him? his eyes narrowed, studying the older man’s face.

Sungmin pulled his body down and kissed him. His weak body obeyed the order, as if it’s moving on its own. His tongue sneaked into sungmin’s cavern, meeting the naughty tongue and playing with it. It so natural, as if they were one from the start.

I don’t want. I don’t want to let him go.. or else I will die.



However the days continues he can’t sleep properly, doesn’t have appetite, cannot concentrate on his school. He became so sensitive over everything. Especially toward his quiet cousin. He cautiously watching everything his relative was doing. Even though he caught the spirit of life like leaving kangin’s orbs, his stressed brain doesn’t get it.

All he feared is if leeteuk told his cousin about their plan. But there’s nothing different with the older man. Sungmin also doesn’t show any changes. He is still a caring and sweet person like always.

When? When?

Soon he was changing to a living corpse. His face paler than usual, the black circle under his eyes and he easily felt exhausted.

He is trying to get some sleep, but he still not success. The felt of sungmin soft finger on his head sooth him a bit. Resting his heart from the continuous stiffed, right now he lays on sungmin’s lap.

He opened his eyes to met sungmin beautiful face who was in concentration on the TV screen, doesn’t realize that the younger man is staring at him longingly.

I love you…I love you…

He caught sungmin’s hand into his left hand, startling the older one. He smiles sheepishly when he saw sungmin pouting. Sungmin raise an eyebrow, silently asking what happened, but he said nothing.

Kyuhyun close his eyes again, this time with sungmin delicate hand in his palm. He squished the hand before searching his way to his dreamland.

I love you…



He just woke up from his nap, the light brown eyes staring into the white ceiling in silence. His house is too quiet for his liking. It’s feel like no human living in the place.

The buzzing sound of his phone make him blinks then darted his eyes toward the device.

The certain name was calling him from time to time as if never knew the name of give up. Can’t he give up? Doesn’t his heart already scatter and turn to piles of dust?

The more he staring at the name that was flashing on his phone’s display, the more he missed the bigger man. Tears surfaced on the corner of his eyes once again.

Can’t he just gave up?! He has sungmin! He has a beautiful and sweet person as his boyfriend already! Why kangin kept on searching for him?!

He was success avoiding him in the college, and never opened him the door to his apartment, and this time he tried his best to ignored the sweet name unanswered.

Leeteuk put the cell phone back on the bed beside his pillow and turned his body to the opposite. He ignored the continuous buzzing and held his body to a fetal position.

Just pick up the phone and tell him to break up!

It was easy for his brain to order, but his body isn’t ready. His heart clenched whenever the thought of him said the mean words toward kangin. He loves that man very much, too much to speak with his own mouth to ask a break up.

The auburn man cried in his sleep. The thin body shook hard as the sound of sobs echoed through the quiet room.



Kangin slammed the phone down on the couch. The bags under his eyes got darker by each day. He is tired. He needs to talk to leeteuk. He wants to meet him, hug him and kiss him.

They have to finish their conversation.

He needs to explain his thought toward him. The older man was driving him crazy with his act to avoiding him in anyway possible.

He can’t keep it like this. He can’t survive any longer without leeteuk beside him. The thought he realized moments ago make him behave like a man in stressed.

Human need oxygen to breathe right? Now he knew that leeteuk is his oxygen.

His red eyes took a glance at his cell phone, he sighed hard and make a step toward the poor device. He dialed the number he remembered by heart, waiting for connection and preparing his heart for another unanswered calling.


Kangin widened his eyes at the soft voice. His voice hoarse, did he cry? Kangin felt his heart clenched.


“meet me at 8 pm in the park near your place.” A long inhaled, kangin waiting in nervous, ”we need to talk about something.”

“lee-leeteuk! Hyung! I-I..listen, I-“

Tuut..tuut..tuut… kangin speechless watching his phone. He gritted his teeth in anger, and without thinking twice he slammed the phone helplessly on the couch. He sat on the edge of the white couch and ruffling his hair in stressed.

Tonight, tonight at 8 pm he will meet leeteuk. He has to explain everything. He will say it out loud that he choose leeteuk and will break up with sungmin. He doesn’t want to lose him! whatever it is, he will not let the older man leave him.



“want some orange juice?” kyuhyun looked up and nodded at the offered.

Sungmin was humming some songs as he moves leisurely in his kitchen. Kyuhyun’s tired eyes following the petite man. His lips curled up but soon faded when the elder turned around to face him.

“what? Did something wrong?” sungmin lean his hip on the kitchen table and crossed his arm on his chest. Head tilted to side made his locks fell down and beautifully covering his eyes.

Kyuhyun stay silent and still mesmerized by the beauty. The raised eyebrow made him smile a little and moved up to walk closer.

“you are tempting me,” the younger whispers.

“I’m not food,” sungmin lips create a cute pout.

“but you are tasty,” kyuhyun low voice sent shiver into sungmin’s spine. His white skin turned red in seconds, and when he darted his eyes on the taller man who nuzzled his nose against his cheeks, his eyes can’t leave the sad and worried eyes.


“want to take a walk?” the younger said suddenly. He gave sungmin a light peck on the lips.

The dark haired man blinks his eyes in confused. “but, the orange juice?”

“I change my mind. The moon tonight is so pretty, I guess walking around in the park will be good,”

“yaaahh…what are you intending to do?? Do you have some naughty ideas in your perv head?” sungmin retorted but he followed the man who chuckled in amuse into the door.

“if I do have some naughty thought, I will tie you in the bed and we’re not going to leave your bedroom until dawn,” sungmin slapped his arm playfully, send another laughter escape kyuhyun mouth.



Sungmin smiles sweetly when he heard the laughter. He really loves it whenever he heard the beautiful voice. The slightly shorter man quickened his pace so he can walk side by side with kyuhyun.

They were talking about many stuff, from school to their childhood, from the simple thing to the complicated one. Now that they have this kind of conversation, reality struck sungmin that kyuhyun really did a smart boy. And he is a reliable man with a wise thought. He can’t believe that the younger could thinking more mature than him despite their 2 years age gap. Deep, sungmin could feel his heart melt and fall head over heels with the younger even more.

So much different with kangin. Kangin has always be a nice man to talk with, but he loves joke more than seriousness, that made sungmin can’t brainstorm with him if he really need help. Not that he despise the bigger man, kangin could make him smile whenever and wherever, he is so nice even though not as caring or as possessive as kyuhyun.

Sungmin eyes caught a glance at the road in front of him then looked down and realized that their hands almost touching each other. Sungmin couldn’t remember when kyuhyun ever grab his hand to intertwined their hands together.

Well, except for their love making, sungmin blushed at the thought.

Slowly he moved his fingers, his eyes doesn’t dare to look when kyuhyun surprised face staring at him. sungmin intertwined their hands, and smile in embarrassment when kyuhyun squished his hand back.

The two of them walk hand in hand without speaking anymore. They are enjoying their time in silence.



The auburn man is playing with his fingers in nervous. His face looks paled and tired. Right now he is sitting in a bench at the entrance of the park, waiting for a certain someone. He took a deep breath, taking air as much as he can, because he have this feeling that he will need much air to breath later. How useless, he bitterly said in his mind.

Since he picked the phone this afternoon, his heart skip so fast, he doesn’t know what was coming into his mind when he answered kangin and asked him for a meeting. Now he screwed, what is he going to do now?

Can he do it? Can he break up with him? no, set up your mind leeteuk! You have to do it!

“teukie ah,”

A melodious voice he missed came into his ears. He shot his head up to stared to a certain handsome man half running toward him. He longingly watched as kangin bent his head down and held on to his knees. When the younger man took a deep breath and looked up, leeteuk quickly diverted his eyes to the other side of the longing road.

“I’m sorry, I’m late…” leeteuk rubbed his right arm with his left hand. He held the urge to hug kangin, he really has to stop this quickly.

“no, it’s okay..” he muttered.

Suddenly kangin grabbing his left hand and pulled his thin body into the warm hug. Leeteuk has no time to react as the hug was so tight and he can’t even move his arm.

“N-NOO!! Let-let me go!!” he wriggled out of the tempting chest.

But kangin is just as stubborn as he is. The younger man didn’t let leeteuk escape his hug. He nuzzled his nose into the elder’s hair.

“please! Don’t leave! I’m sorry,” the shout successfully make leeteuk stop wriggled.

“I love you teukie, I love you so damn much!! Please don’t leave me..I-I can’t stand it if you leave just like this.” kangin inhaled, “you don’t know how much this hurt me when I can’t hold you..”

“it’s too late,” leeteuk sniffed. He held his tears from flow down, but the confession make his tears spill out. He weakly wriggling out, something that was useless.

“no it’s not. I-I chose you!! Isn’t that what do you want! I will break up with sungmin! I’ll do whatever you want just don’t leave me..”

Leeteuk stiffed in his spot. Kangin finally made his decision, something that he always want, right? He should be happy right? Then why this news only made his tears slides down more and more?

The memories of sungmin smiling face haunting him, the kindness, he can’t hurt that sweet person, can he?

He came into the middle of their relationships. Hinted kangin to make the next step and seduced him when he knew that the bigger man already had a nice and caring boyfriend! He is so shameless.

If he accepting it, they will start a happy relationship above sungmin’s pain. Then how he supposed to meet him later? Can he just greet him with smile like he used to do?

It was all his fault since the beginning. 

He collected all his power and pushed kangin. He wiped his tears and smirk slightly, not daring to look kangin in the eyes.

“it’s too late, and the game is over.” He said softly.

“…game? What do you mean?”

Leeteuk bit his lips before start speaking, this time he turned his body so that his back was facing kangin. He can’t see him, or else he would be weak.

“It’s just a game that I started with kyuhyun.”


 Leeteuk felt sorry for using kyuhyun, but the younger boy should realize their doom, soon or later.

“kyuhyun had an interest of sungmin, as long as your relationship with sungmin sshi, kyuhyun already start planning this all. I am just unintentionally stuck in between because of my liking toward you,”

Still no response,

“so you know the rest. Me seduced you, taking all your times. Separating you from sungmin sshi, this is all about game, kangin ah.”

Leeteuk dig his nails into his left arm to prevent him from tearing up.

“our relationships was just a coincidence. That is why kangin ah..” the auburn man inhaled deeply, his heart clenched. It felt like stab by a sharp knife.

“let’s break up,”

Kangin eyes widened by the end of the words. He mouth gape, but nothing come out from his lips. When he finally has his voice, someone’s shouting voice caught his and leeteuk’s attention.

The shout soon followed by some fight and then silence.


The familiar name got their attention and the two of them quickly run to the source of voices. There when they took turn on the corner of the park’s gate, stood lee sungmin who breathing heavily with an angry face that is not match with his pretty face. Opposite his place, kangin saw his younger cousin on the cold aspalt, supporting his upper body with his elbow. His lips are bleeding, probably from one or two punches.



How in the hell this walking scene turned to a bloody scene make sungmin dizzy. Just minutes ago he just admitting his head over heels love with the one who now he knew just playing trick with him. he should be a happy in love man in the moment.

How it could turn to be like this?

They were walking hand in hand, it feels so romantic with the less people around them. The full moon that he adored shines brightly, he could see the road without the help of the street lamp, it show how bright the night is.

That was when they reach the park, sungmin face turned sour at the sight of leeteuk sitting on the bench. He felt kyuhyun tense too, but never think that the expression meant so many things. And then kangin come into view, his heart beating so fast. How much he realized that he loves kyuhyun, he still cared with his still boyfriend, the pain of being cheated, it come overwhelmed him again.

“s-sungmin, let’s go. You don’t want to see this,” kyuhyun whispers in a stuttered voice.

But sungmin doesn’t budge from his spot. His mind is so angry right now that he doesn’t realize the stammered voice kyuhyun had.

His eyes saw red when kangin suddenly hug leeteuk. He gritted his teeth, but he could still hold his anger. His big doe eyes just staring at the couple, really unconscious with kyuhyun’s panic expression.

Just then his eyes widened when he heard the secret spill out from leeteuk’s mouth. Leeteuk turned around from kangin, but that made him facing where sungmin is standing now. With the look, sungmin knew that the auburn haired man isn’t lying.

Reflex, his hold on kyuhyun’s hand loosened up.

“kyuhyun had an interest of sungmin, as long as your relationship with sungmin sshi, kyuhyun already start planning this all. I am just unintentionally stuck in between because of my liking toward you,”

His twirled his head around. Kyuhyun paled face met his red angry face.

“is that true, kyu?” he asked in a soft unbelievable voice. The suspect make a silent condition, he just looked away.

“so you know the rest. Me seduced you, taking all your times. Separating you from sungmin sshi, this is all about game, kangin ah.”

The reality hit sungmin hard. His eyes narrowed, now that he remembered once again, everything is so coincidence. The perfect timing, sungmin always wonder how lucky he is whenever he had his affair with kyuhyun, kangin was never there.

Then the day in the amusement park! Sungmin felt like threw up from all of this situation. Is this really his plan? Everything?!

“why? Why kyuhyun ah?!” his voice got louder. Kyuhyun twitched in his spot, but showed no expression. Sungmin pounced on the taller man and grabbed the front of his collar shirt.

Was he playing with him all this time?!!! Then what about this newfound feeling?!

“why did you do that!!” sungmin swing his right hand forward. Kyuhyun eyes go wider but doesn’t dodge as he just closed his eyes waiting for the hard impact later on.



Sungmin punch kyuhyun hard on the face. The sound of kyuhyun’s body bumped hard with the cold aspalt make him worried but it soon covered by cold expression.

“ANSWER ME CHO KYUHYUN!!” sungmin had the urge to cry, he really really want to cry right now and here.

“sungmin ah!” sungmin heard kangin’s low voice. He turned around and saw him in the face, he took a glance toward the smaller man behind his boyfriend who looks so surprised and shocked. He felt bitter so suddenly.

“kangin ah,” he said weakly.

His heart pounded faster when he diverted his eyes back to the bleeding man on the floor.

“How could you do this huh? He is your cousin! How could you played with my heart when I am his boyfriend,” his eyes glaring toward the expressionless man.

“sungmin ah, calm down..” kangin move closer toward his hysterical boyfriend, holding him from behind.



Kyuhyun just sat there on the floor. He smiled bitterly in his mind. Sungmin surely could punch so hard despite his feminine appearance. But there’s a tug in his heart.

Is this the end?

He doesn’t want to end it this soon. Just now he was so happy when sungmin took the first step to hold his hand, something intimate for him. At least it showed him that the pretty man had some special feeling for him, maybe he is start falling in love with him.

If he knew that they will encounter leeteuk and kangin on their way, he better choose to tied sungmin on the bed and making love with him all night. He laughs with his thought.

Too late for regretting it.

Kyuhyun eyes are glaring at the close distance kangin had with sungmin when he tried to comfort him. He wiped the blood on the corner of his lips, winced slightly at the burn feeling.

“Why, do you say?” he shot his dagger looks toward the couple.

Can’t he see it?? How can he be so blind?! Kyuhyun heart clenched hard. The more kangin pulled sungmin closer , the more his heart hurt.

He took a look of hurting leeteuk who also see the intimate distance, he could clearly see how the older man holding his tears until his eyes bloodshot red. He gulped the lump in his throat.

He escaped another laugh, a bitter one.

“OFCOURSE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!” there, he said it. His hand fisted, and the nails digging in his skin, torn it slightly.

He blinked once, then twice. “because I want you..” he added in desperate.



“do you know how the feeling when the one you love secretly introduced to you as your cousin’s boyfriend?!”

The confession was surprising everyone in the place. Leeteuk blinks slowly as he looked down, he can’t see the hurting eyes, the suffered look on kyuhyun’s eyes. Sungmin and kangin can’t do anything but stared at the younger man who tried to stand up, eyebrows wrinkled to a tight knot, and the way his eyes boring at them with such an intense stares, hurt them both too.

“do you know how hurt is it to kept it secret? To see you cuddling with kangin like you’re the happiest man on the earth? I was hoping that I met you first.”

Silence, kyuhyun winced again as he spoke again. sungmin held the urge to kiss the pain away from kyuhyun’s hurting form. He doesn’t want to see it. He can’t see it.

Cho Kyuhyun is always cocky and proud in his eyes. man with prides. a little brat.

But then, he always took care of sungmin. Always sweet, soft and spoiling him in some way.

“I planned this after I know that kangin was cheating on you, It’s my chance… to get your attention,” kyuhyun laugh again, “I just want your eyes on me,”

Their eyes met, and sungmin really wants to take a step forward. The words finally went through his brain, and sungmin want to cry.

Kyuhyun loves him back. The man loves him.

The sudden feeling of kangin’s grip on his arm woke him up from his trance. Kangin. His boyfriend.

The realization hit him again, if kyuhyun never plan this all, maybe, their relationships were just fine. Yes, probably he was cheating on him, but then, probably that was just a fling too. He knew that kangin will still choose him over leeteuk hyung. It can be proof as the months he had been with leeteuk hyung, kangin doesn’t show any change except for the lack of meeting time. The phone calls, the messages keep coming everyday.

Sungmin looked up behind, and he met kangin’s stares. Both are having the same thought.



Behind them, leeteuk saw the loving gaze the couple shared. He felt his heart stabbed with a dagger, it make his body weak.

In silence he turned around, leaving without a second glance toward the love of his life. Everything is over.

Tears flowed down his cheeks one by one. he doesn’t wiped it and let it slides freely. He covered his mouth with his hand, preventing voices to come out. He wants to go home.

Goodbye..kangin ah… my love…



On the same time with leeteuk’s leave, kyuhyun saw the older man slumped shoulder and silently asking for forgiven. He was stuck into this because of him. guilty eating him alive.

His eyes narrowed toward his crush, there he hope he could just blind so that he doesn’t have to see the scene.

He turned his body around, as he took a step forward a slide of tear make it way to his cheek. Shit, sungmin really hit him hard, it’s so hurt. So much, that he even have to cry because of the pain.

He let the single tear to fell on the floor as he kept on walking. No other tear following the first one, so he makes no attempt to wipe it.

Everything is over…

Maybe he have to find a new place, because he sure, his relationship with kangin will turn bad. And the important thing is that he doesn’t want to meet sungmin again.

His first love…

If he knew that falling in love could be this painful, he wouldn’t want fall in love in the first place.

His prediction is wrong. The other tears flew down uncontrollably on his cheeks, he can’t see clearly as the tears blurring his view. He blinks it away, but he felt breathless.

So he broke into run. He ran as fast as he could. As fast as the cold wind could brought the pain away from him.



In the same times as leeteuk turned his body, kangin broke the stares he had with sungmin and following where the thin body went. His eyes can’t let go of the figure, the slumped shoulder, the shaking body, kangin knew that the older man is crying right now.

He wants to hug him.



Sungmin broke his stares competition with kangin in the right time to see kyuhyun tall body walking further. He could do nothing but staring at the bare back silently. His heart crushed, when he saw kyuhyun ran. So fast until he lost the man in the darkness.

Why does he doubt his heart now?

The urge to leave this arms and ran with kyuhyun is so much bigger. He hates himself for thinking about that.

Feeling that his eyes blurred sungmin buried his face on kangin’s chest. The bigger man hugged him back. Tightly.



“I love you, kangin ah..”

Kangin is staring at the crown head in sadness. He can’t hurt sungmin, and now after the misunderstood had been erased, they don’t know where to stand and putting this relationships.

But leeteuk…  kangin closed his eyes tiredly.

“I love you,”

Kangin opened his eyes when he heard the words repeated by the smaller man. He felt the hug tightened.

“I really love you…”

Kangin pulled away from the hug, he saw sungmin red eyes. the cheeks wet and for this moment, kangin smiles sweetly. With his thumbs he wiped the tears away, then tilted sungmin’s chin up so that they can see at each other.

“I love you…” the whispers sound so clear in the quiet night. Kangin kiss the forehead, down to each of his eyelids then the tip of the nose, last his lips. The kiss on the lips lingered a seconds longer than the other, with the tears kept flow down the white cheeks.

When sungmin opened his eyes after they break the kiss, he saw kangin soft loving eyes,

“I love you too sungminnie..”

And the words makes his tears slides faster and he chokes on his own sobs. He stumble his body back on the bigger body.


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That was so sad. It made me cry.
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