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The pay for love - epilogue

Pairing : Kyumin, kangteuk, kangmin.

length : 8 + epilogue

rating : overall R

pagenre : romance, angst, drama, SMUT

Disclaimer : the idea is mine, if it has some similarity with other fic, I do apologize, but IT REALLY IS MINE.

Summary :kyuhyun is a genius smart ass, he known with his stubbornness. everything he want must be his. and he found one that he really want, a pretty man who is older than him. Lee Sungmin.

but what will happen when the pretty man he love is actually his cousin's boyfriend?
what trick is up under his sleeve to own the man he love?
could it be that he is just a cold hearted man who selfishly didn't to care about anyone else, including his own cousin?


“is sungmin sshi in here?”

Kangin looked down to where a pair of familiar sneakers placed neatly in the shoes cabinet. He turned his body toward his lover and shrug nonchalantly.

“looks like it, come on. get in,” kangin pointed his chin to the left, gesturing leeteuk to come into his apartment.

Leeteuk furrowed his eyebrow slightly. he is still have this awkward feeling whenever he met the pretty dark haired man. Kangin pulled his wrist made him stumbled on his feet. Glad kangin big built body was there to prevent him from falling.

“why are you so clumsy?” kangin kiss his temple lovingly, left hand doesn’t leave leeteuk slim waist as his right hand close the door.

“yah, I’m older than you..stop teasing me,” he complained with beet red on his cheeks.

Kangin just chuckled at the sight. He then tilt the older man’s chin and dove in to kiss the red lips softly until a familiar voice interrupted.

“yah, yah..get a room please?? No PDA in living room,”

The couple turned their face to see a grinning sungmin on the couch. Half of his body hidden because kangin and leeteuk face the back side of the couch. Kangin smile and wave him as greeting, sungmin cutely wave back.

“and what are you doing exactly, huh? No PDA??” the bigger man tease him back when he caught a glimpse of his younger cousin been straddled by his ex-lover. The younger man smirked as he pulled sungmin by his hips to kneel so he could free himself. Sungmin pouted by the action, but quickly recover and now turned to get a comfortable position on kyuhyun’s lap. 

“you two really have no shame,” kangin laugh again. leeteuk eyeing the friendly conversation between the ex-lovers and felt envy by it. Could it be that they still have feeling for each other?

“stop teasing me! you asshole,” sungmin giggled, the sight irritate leeteuk even more. He felt uncomfortable, but then his eyes met sungmin’s.

Sungmin simply gave him a sharp gaze but turn to a soft smile as the younger male greeted him. He saw that kyuhyun also eyeing him from the corner of his eyes.

“teukie hyung~”

Leeteuk gave him a polite bow, an excuse so they don’t have to locked eyes. “good afternoon sungmin sshi, kyuhyunnie,”

Sungmin’s eyes glaring at his boyfriend who replying the greeting with some friendly smile.

“did you two have your lunch yet?” kangin’s question brought the three attention to focus on the smiling man.

“what? Do you want to treat us some lunch?” sungmin ask again.

“I don’t say anything about treating lunch..” cheeky smile surfaced on kangin face.

“then what is your point asking it??”

Kangin shrug nonchalantly, “can’t I ask?”

“I always know that you are a miserly people,” sungmin mocked him.

“I don’t care~” kangin sing a song his answer as he grab leeteuk’s hand and pulled him toward his bedroom. Sungmin pouted, and shout right before he giggling cutely.

“YAH! I don’t want to hear moans in this living room! You better keep your pants on!”

“shut up!” come as answer from behind the closed door.

Kyuhyun shook his head at his boyfriend childishness. He hugged the man from behind, kissing the tempting flesh of sungmin’s neck. “you two are that close huh?” he whispers.

“what? Are you jealous?” sungmin poke the forehead playfully as he snuggled in kyuhyun’s chest.


Sungmin once again poked him in the forehead, but this time not followed by another teasing. It’s a sweet smile. The poke moved to a pat on the cheek.

“but you makes me jealous too. Kyuhyunnie?? What was that pet name? huh?”

“he just thinking of me as his dongsaeng. Nothing else..” he send a soft peck on the pouting lips. His heart warmer when sungmin wrapped his hand around his nape to pull him closer, deepening the kiss.

“same with me and kangin. We’re make a good friends to each other,”

“but don’t be too close with him. I don’t want this jealousy eating me and committing another crime,”

The threat sent another giggles escaped sungmin’s lips. He buried his face into kyuhyun’s neck and slightly kissing the closest flesh, his adam apple.

“it will make a beautiful crime then,”

Kyuhyun smiles, “so don’t punch me if I really do it,” he nibbled sungmin’s earlobe, licking the edge slightly to send shiver on sungmin’s spine.


“let’s move to my bedroom,”

Sungmin laugh once again, but he move and face kyuhyun’s handsome face.

“yaah, I just warned kangin not to create a scene, but now you ask me for one?” he wriggled his eyebrows.

The younger lover let a smirk as he stand up, offering a hand toward the grinning sungmin, “yes, are you objecting?”

“Nope. Not at all,”



“hi, hyung..”

The greeting surprised leeteuk that made him dropped the spoon in his hand. He turned his body to met kyuhyun who was smiling at him from the kitchen entrance.

“kyuhyun ah,” he smile awkwardly as he bent down to get the fallen spoon. His loose shirt, that absolutely belonged to his cousin fall slightly from his shoulder sent a view of red marks on the smooth skin. A familiar smirk appeared on his handsome face, but seeing the older man seemed unconscious by the evidence, kyuhyun shrug the thought to tease him.

“did kangin still sleeping?” kyuhyun casually ask as he made his way to the fridge to get two  can of beverage for him and sungmin.

Kyuhyun doesn’t meant to tease him but the older man is sensitive enough to realize the hidden teases, his face burn in red. Kyuhyun chuckles softly.

“don’t tease me. you are no different,” the red face man retorted, raising his spoon to point at the younger one.

Kyuhyun raise an eyebrow. “what with me? I’m not the one who moans like there’s no tomorrow, it ruined our mood, hyung..”

“s-shut up!” the auburn haired man pouted.

Kyuhyun’s laugh his head off, but it died by the seconds. He watch the slim back walking from the freezer to get some ice then to the waiting glasses, the fresh colors of orange juice seem tempting.

He took a deep breath,

“hyung, I’m sorry…” he mumbled.

Leeteuk turned his head, and staring confusedly at kyuhyun. The younger male fidgeted in his place, playing with two cans on his hands. He eased his heart before look up to see leeteuk.

“I’m sorry for everything.. the mess, I know that you’re hurting. Because of my selfishness, I-I have to involved you into this,”

“kyu,” the elder’s eyes softened.

“we didn’t have time to talk, so I can’t apologize to you in private.”

Leeteuk hugged his own body, he leaned on the kitchen counter. Smiles sweetly,

“it’s okay. It wasn’t completely your fault,” kyuhyun see the sadness in the orbs.

“part of it was my fault, I was too weak to resist. it was because of my selfishness that I agree to your plan. I can stop it, but I didn’t..”

The both of them fall into the silence, until kyuhyun broke it by a question.

“are you happy, hyung?”

The delight in leeteuk orbs impressed kyuhyun, the thin lips curled into a sweet smile and unconsciously the younger escaped a smile too.

They both are happy. 

“I better leave hyung, sungmin probably is waiting for me,” leeteuk nodded.

Right after he walk out of the small kitchen, kyuhyun turned his head to see leeteuk back figure for one last time. A relieved feeling overwhelming him, make the tight knot inside him loosen. He was like a free man.

“what took you so long?” a sweet voice calling him that distracting his attention from the older man to see his cute lover’s head peeking from behind his bedroom door.

Kyuhyun chuckles at the sight. He walked to where his lover is waiting, his loving gaze really could make every people blush from the intense stare, and that is including sungmin.

“Whaaat??” the dark brown haired man muttered with a pout decorating his face.

The tall man said nothing but closing the wooden door quietly before shutting the other mouth with his. Two can of beverage fall and left forgotten on the floor as the young couple busy sucking each other’s face off.

 Kyuhyun smiled widely against the other lips, gaining sungmin’s curiosity.


“what??” he asked back.

Sungmin rolled his eyes, he flick the forehead playfully. “what with that smile? Did something happen in the kitchen?”

Being kyuhyun, did he ever spilled anything unsuspicious?? The younger man is grinning like a fool.

“I love you,” he exclaimed.


“I love you... I love you soooo much!”

Sighing, sungmin choose to give up, he will dig the information later. Right now his heart soaring with some fast beat and filled with the need to ravish that stupid grin off of his cute boyfriend. Beside the blush in his cheeks is quite disturbing.



“you are out of space again,” kangin touch the furrowed eyebrows on his boyfriend’s forehead. Both were laying and cuddling together on the bed. The older man blinking his eyes rapidly, he smile softly when he realize the stare kangin gave him.

“I’m sorry,”

Kangin lean forward to send a soft kiss on the other’s forehead. The gesture melting leeteuk’s heart, he snuggles into kangin’s chest and purring when kangin rubbed his head.

“do you have something to tell me, teukie?” the younger tilting his lover’s chin so they can look at each other.

“no.. nothing,”

“stop the lie. You’re not good in lying,” kangin scooped the smaller body to sit on his lap, leeteuk take a hold on his front shirt.

“tell me, and I don’t want another excuse that nothing happen,”

“I…was thinking.” The mumbled answer make kangin raised his eyebrows.

Leeteuk pressed his lips, considering his decision to speak his mind or not. A big and warm hand cupped his cheek, and he sigh, kangin will not let this go until he speak. The elder man caught the hand in his, gripping it while he buried his face in kangin’s shoulder.

“I was thinking, why you chose me over sungmin. N-not that I’m not happy, but..” kangin heard a soft sighed. “But sungmin sshi is prettier than me, he is cute, adorable, has a big doe eyes, and he even has a better body than me. his skin is soft, smooth and he is a great cook…” a slight whine coming out as the closing.

Kangin smirked mischievously, he pat the head lightly.

“hmm..now that you remind me about it again, your words are right.” His answer got a pretty great response from his lover. Leeteuk quickly free his head of kangin’s pat and glaring toward his boyfriend.



“are you regret for choosing me???”

His heart beat hard again, lips pressed tight with hands unconsciously fisting kangin’s front shirt. Slowly his eyes felt hot, showing the cue of upcoming tears.

Leeteuk really is regretting his words. He should just shut his pretty mouth then saying something that will make him sad. However he stay still when kangin open his mouth to speak. Leeteuk missed the mischievous look in kangin eyes.

“well, he is pretty, cute, adorable, yada yada yada just like you said. And that was the reason why I loved him,”

Leeteuk jumbled out his bottom lip. Should he say it directly like that?

The auburn haired man tried to read the soft loving gaze kangin gave him. Inhaled deeply, he give up and shifting his gaze on the other man’s collarbones. He can’t see the sparks of content in the orbs.

“but…that was before I knew someone whose prettier than him, cuter.” Leeteuk stiffed, heart thumping harder in each sentence.

“Before I realized that small eyes could look more adorable, and how a simple smile with dimples could make my heart felt like beating by hammer… before I knew that a slim waist was more huggable. Before I knew that even his skin isn’t as soft as sungmin’s but he is way more sensitive,” to emphasizing his words, kangin sneak his hand to touch the skin under the shirt lightly, teasing and treasuring it.

Leeteuk bit his lower lip to hold his urge to moan, face red in embarrassment.

“Before I knew that someone could have a heart as kind as angel. Before I realized how much I want to protect him from any harm because of his clumsiness. Before I knew the person in front of me whose can successfully steal my heart from a perfect man like sungmin.”

Leeteuk is too embarrassed to say anything, he just let kangin teasing him by poking his red cheeks. Kangin’s laugh is the limit of his embarrassment, he quickly burying his face again in his lover’s neck. A wide smile appeared on his lips and will not going to fade in near time. The butterflies in his tummy even fly in high spirit.

“I will not regret my choice. Don’t doubt my feeling, I am seriously love you teukie..” the whisper against his left ears is so melodious.

“I’m sorry,”

“that is not the magic words teukie ah..” kangin smack the auburn haired man’s head lightly. The pouting man staring at his lover’s face, thinking of what kind if magic words the man want. He saw kangin’s loving gaze when the man rubbing the spot he smacked.

“I love you,” the elder muttered. He felt the rub movement stopped, slowly the warm hand moving down and touching his left cheek. His brown orbs meeting kangin’s dark brown one.

Leeteuk saw his boyfriend lean forward, his eyes following the simple movement of whispers on kangin’s lips and closed his eyes when he felt a pair of lips touching his.

“I love you too.”



“ooh.. you’re so early…” sungmin stopped his movement from drying his wet hair. The younger lover come in and kiss his temple gently, he take his time and sniffing sungmin fresh scent.

“yah, it’s tickles,” the older man giggles, his hand tried to push his lover but he got a nibbled on his earlobe instead. When the smaller man slapped his arm playfully, kyuhyun finally pulled away.

“you’re getting violence these days, are you change to a masochist?”

“shut up!” sungmin pouted cutely. His face suddenly lit up and he pushed the tall man to go into his kitchen.

“I’ll make pancake, you just sit and watch..”

Seeing his hyper lover in this early morning, kyuhyun only let a chuckles that lingered in the cozy apartment.



After the delicious breakfast, both sitting on the couch with kyuhyun helping sungmin drying his hair. The voice of sungmin hummed a song filled the air in the silence room. The taller male just staring lovingly at his back side of his boyfriend, his lips never failed to put a single smile. When he finally finished dried the other’s hair, he put the towel on the table and wrapped his arm around sungmin’s waist. His chin on top sungmin right shoulder, hummed together with sungmin. He knew the song sungmin was singing, a beautiful song sungmin always treasure all the time “7 years of love”, too bad the song’s meaning was so sad even though the melody is so beautiful.

“you know that song?” sungmin turned his face at him.

“I knew because you like it,”

“ohh..” kyuhyun see the tint of red on his lover’s cheeks.

“why do you look so shy suddenly??” the younger man teased as pulled away, letting his boyfriend’s head to fall and lean on his chest.

“I’m not..”


“I’m not!”


The replied make sungmin pouting. Kyuhyun chuckles full heartedly, he can never be this happy before. As he saw the pouting get bigger and cuter, kyuhyun let his body fall to the back. He lay on his back on the couch, right hand supported his back head.

Realizing their position has changed, sungmin crawled to find a comfortable place on his boyfriend’s chest. He rested his cheek right on top kyuhyun’s heart, smiling warmly when he heard the steady beating.

“I was thinking last night,”

“about what?” sungmin mumbling his answer without look up.

“I want to moved out,”

Sungmin shot his head up and face kyuhyun’s soothing eyes. “moved out? Why?”

Kyuhyun rubbed the right cheek affectionately, he watched as sungmin’s big doe eyes narrowed unfocus.

“it getting disturbing you know.. hearing the moaning sound from kangin’s bedroom. I never knew that leeteuk hyung was so loud.. or was kangin that good, huh?”


“what? I’m serious, you know?” the younger laugh again. “that is why I want to moved out, I want to give kangin more space.”

Seeing the happy expression in kyuhyun face sungmin can’t help but ask, “kyu, did-did I hurt you so much in the past? With me and kangin..” the last sentence came as whisper,

“you did,” the elder locked gaze with him, kyuhyun saw sungmin chewing his bottom lip.

“you didn’t know how much I really want to kick the door and pulled you away from kangin, how much I wish I was the one on his position. Could touch you freely, hug you and kiss you until you breathless and moaning my name-“ his words is cut in by the sudden kiss.

Kyuhyun is too surprised that he doesn’t reply at first, but then he become relax and kiss back. The flavor of blackberry jam on their breakfast lingered still in sungmin mouth, kyuhyun lick the bottom lips and return to explore the hot cavern. Feeling how sweet the other’s taste against his.

“I’m sorry,” sungmin mumbled on his lips, face flushed in pink sensation.

“but I have you now. And I will not let you go, you better remember that.” Sungmin giggles at the sentences.

“yes, kyuhyun sshi.” He said adorably. “oh, did you already find the new place?” sungmin ask as he pulled away, setting his hands on each of kyuhyun’s head.

“yeah, and I will have a roommate too. I didn’t ask the person If he agree though, but I bet he would never mind.”

“roommate? Who is it? is it a male? Did I know him?” the big doe eyes owner rambling around. His lover only smirked of that reaction.

“well, maybe.”

“who?” sungmin mouth turned to “O” shape, eyebrow raise high.

But kyuhyun ignore him, “the place a bit far from school, but I could cut the way by train. And I can just walk from my old apartment,”

“yah…tell me who is he!”

“the place is pretty good, and have a nice environment.”

“kyuuu… tell me tell mee…!!” sungmin start wailed like a child. He positioned his body and sit on kyuhyun’s stomach.

“ Near 24/7 minimarket and have a pretty sight of han river..”

The dark haired man suddenly stopped wailing and blinking his big doe eyes. his head tilted to the side,

“yaahhh….that is my apartment!! You rent a room in this apartment too??” his eyes suddenly twinkles at the thought of kyuhyun live in the same building as him.

“well, not really, since I didn’t asked for a permission from this person on top me,” kyuhyun give cheekily smile.

The words stunned sungmin, “you want to move in with me??” he asked when he realized the cue meant.

“can’t I?”

“b-but, but I only have one bedroom!”

Kyuhyun rubbed the smooth arms, “your bed fit us perfectly,”

 “but, still…”

“or do you want me to find another roommate?”

“NO!” the quick answer brought another laugh from the younger man.

“good, because I don’t want to find any other place.” He said before lean up to kiss the pout on sungmin face away. He heard the other groaned because of get tricked, but kyuhyun could only smile and kiss him deeper.

There is no sacred path in the way to search for love. Only long and wide road with gravels trapping your every steps, but there is always fast way to offer which paid by some devil’s trade.

Sometimes, the pay for love doesn’t always easy.. the sum you have to pay to get the love you want isn’t cheap. It need sacrifice, effort and lot of courage to do the most evil thing but could look so pure in the eye of a lover.

Without people know, the devil circle always there inside the pattern of destiny. It could help you but could also break you. Depends on what way you choose to walk your path..

That is how you pay for your love…



“yah, kyuhyun ah… can we speak?”

Kyuhyun was looking on to his back to see his smiling cousin standing in his bedroom door. The younger man seemed hesitant at first before smiling and nod. He flipped close his cell phone after sending a goodnight message to sungmin. When he walked closer toward the older man, kangin was throwing a can of beer at him which he gladly catch it.

They set the place, the balcony of their apartment. Kyuhyun warily peeking at kangin’s face once in a while, wondering why the elder hasn’t speak yet. Tonight the weather a little bit cold but the alcohol level in his system warming him a bit.

He sighed, with elbow on the guardrail he let the edge of the can touch his lips. His mind slightly wandering at his lover who hasn’t reply his message. Was he showering right now? Or was he fell asleep in between their conversation via SMS? A smile graced his lips.

“you seems so happy,”

Kyuhyun turned his face to see kangin’s side face. The older man took a big gulp of his beverage then tossed it aside before open the other can. He always amused of how good kangin’s body toleration with alcohol.

“am I?” he asked back.

“I never see you this happy. If I’m not wrong, the last time I saw you smile like an idiot was when you were 10 when grandpa bought you the newest model of bike you always want.”

Kangin chuckled while kyuhun snort at the memory.

“yeah, and you were the one who broke it with your stupid trial of riding MY bike down the hill.”

“yah! My left arm broke because of that! “

“served you right,”

Silence. Then the two burst out laughing, kyuhyun felt so relieved. Since this is the first day they talk after the incident, for the last 3 days, kyuhyun almost didn’t see him in their shared apartment. He was worried of the possibility of their relationships turn bad, but he looks like doesn’t have to worry.

Kangin cleared his throat, he positioned his back on the rail and look to his side. The serious and calm face brought kyuhyun’s attention. He knew this is the time.

“hyung, about what happen-“

“should I apologize kyu?” cut kangin.


“I.. have some confession to make.” Now kyuhyun give the man full attention.

Kangin narrowed his eyes into the inside of their living room. His hand play with the can of beer .

“I knew everything.” A sad smile graced his lips.

“I knew about your interest of sungmin for a long time ago. At first I just shrug it off, hoping you will forget your crush, but I was wrong. You keep it, even treasuring it with all your life.”

The younger eyebrows furrow, the thudding in his heart make him stunned in his place. He never expects this. His eyes following kangin’s movement who was sliding down to sat on the floor. Knees bent up as he put his hand on top.

“you knew? Everything..?” he whispered in disbelieve.

“everything.” The older man chuckled softly. kyuhyun’s eyes widened in shock, slowly he followed kangin and sat too.

His eyes narrowed, too confused. Everything is too sudden,

How? Why? All question lingering in his head. He shot his head back to the older man, but nothing came as replied.

“it started when I met teukie for the first time. Really, I never thought that it would the source of these trouble. I fell for leeteuk, was the last thing I wish to happen… but I did. I wanted to end the fling, I never intended to be that serious with him, I still have feeling for sungmin.”

Kangin face kyuhyun, he sipped the drink and continue his speak, “then you heard it all.. the phone call. It was my biggest mistake…”

The younger man doesn’t know how to response, so he took a big gulp of his beer.

“I was so surprised how you could use that as chance. When I got too distracted by leeteuk, I also realized the difference in sungmin whenever he looked at you. It become the reasons of our quarrel, but together with leeteuk could ease my anger so I forgot it.”

“then how…” kyuhyun failed to finish his question, he shook his head because of the slight dizziness.

“…I accidentally read your message to leeteuk. I didn’t ask him, but I knew why you did it.”

“and you cooperated with us.”


“I’m sorry…” kangin mumbled.

“…about what?”

 “I’m sorry for hurting you…”

The big thump in his heart is too hard to ignored, this news was too hard to accept either. But what he could do at this moment? Nothing.

“why? Why did you do that if you knew about my plan??” that is the only thing he want to know the most from kangin.

The elder shifted in his place. He looked trouble, a bit hesitated to answer, but he knew he has to.

“I didn’t know,”

“bullshit hyung..”

“I fell for leeteuk, I realized your feeling for sungmin, and I didn’t want to hurt sungmin! What do you think I was supposed to do huh! Everything was so mixed up!” kyuhyun gasp at the sudden outburst.

He saw the determinant look in his cousin’s orbs,

“but then I realized too that I didn’t want to lose leeteuk, and felt that sungmin will better in your care. That’s why I help you… that didn’t mean I fall out of love with sungmin, but I want him happy… “

Another silence filled the air. Kyuhyun lean his head on the guardrail, digesting what kangin said into his thick head. Everything he did was in vain… it would if kangin didn’t want to leave sungmin…

“can you do me a favor?” kyuhyun shifted his eyes toward his older cousin. His tired eyes showed clearly, the view make kangin lit his hand and patted the younger male head lovingly.

Kyuhyun is his favorite cousin all the time, because he is the only child in his family, he always want a brother, and kyuhyun is all he got.

“do you really love sungmin, kyu?”

Kyuhyun let a small smile, “Do I have to answer that obvious question?”

Kangin smile in relieve when he heard this. suddenly there’s a ringing sound, kyuhyun let his phone out, a message from sungmin.

sowwie.. I was showering >.<; gut nite too ^^ come 2 my place 2morro, I’ll bake u cake *kiss*

Ps : I lov u,’

The older man can see the warm stare on his cousin eyes,

“one more thing kyu,” the words sound like a silent threat,

“buried all of our conversation today deep in your heart. if you have to, forgot all this matter. Never, never ever talk about this again.. do you understand?”

Kangin stood up from his seat, his back faced kyuhyun serious face. “we don’t want this devil circle to continue, do we?”

Kyuhyun flipped close his cell phone, he took the last sip of his beverage. Heart thumping in a kind of beat that made him excited. He speak almost in whisper,

“yes, hyung.”

His eyes watching every step kangin make in his way to get into the warm living room. Devil circle, huh? The grip on his cell phone tightened. He could read the warning sign. The devil circle wouldn’t continue is the people in the circle stay out of each other..

He should make some plan, shouldn’t he? Lee sungmin is his now.. he will not let him go ever.. will not let someone stole him from his side.. not even, just in case, his dear cousin. The young man smirked in his head.

He stood up, brushing the dirt in his pants before following kangin get inside the warm apartment.

‘Everything he did was in vain… it would if kangin didn’t want to leave sungmin…’  that is the keyword… not that he accused it, but people should think of the worst possibility, shouldn’t they?

A/N : omonnaaaaaa.....finally I finish this story >______<
I'm sorry for the long delay...(writer's block for some scene hehehe..)

well, this story kinda get dark by the end huh? but, seeing this kind of relationship, only one thing imprinted in my mind...devil circle..

kyuhyun's fear felt so real for me.. and I really love his part in this story.. mysterious and cool >///<

fell free for speak and tell me about your feeling toward this story ^^
btw, this is my first complete chaptered story, I have a bad habit to not continuing what I made.. too easy to get bored *sigh*



This is the first time I saw this fic... I read everything just now and IT'S AMAZING!!! hehehe

Ohhh!... New word I learned today--> Devil circle :D

aww..thank hun *huggles*

devil circle..heheee... I know it's weird but it quite fit ^^

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This series finally ended T______T You have no idea how much I love it <3

I was shock when I read the last part. Kangin!!!

He should make some plan, shouldn’t he? Lee sungmin is his now.. he will not let him go ever.. will not let someone stole him from his side

GO KYU!!! I am worried that he can do something stupid again but I love Kyu's aggressive and protective love here so I would support him no matter what <3333333

You said you would write more Kyumin, right, right, right??? *dancing around like a fool* I'm waiting for your future fics ^________^
hehe, actually I didn't plan on that (kangin's part)
I changed the plot in the last minutes XDDD

I have plan to post angel's series of kyumin,(the last 2 are kangteuk^^) but it kind of angst.. so I don't know XP

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I loved the fic, but is it alright if I do a little constructive criticism?

The fic was wonderful, don't get me wrong, although, there were many errors when it came to grammar and usage. I suggest you get a beta. It would make this already wonderful fic into a masterpiece~
*nod* *nod*
I do understand.. *sigh*
but I hope you got my point, right? the main story *puppy dog eyes*
and I really do thank you for the advice ^^
I'll try myself to find one.. *hug*

thank you for reading and comment ^^
I got the point alright~ KyuMin has always been my Number 1 bias in SuJu~ The plot was wonderful and the scenes were well thought of~

I'm currently on my summer vacation, and if you want, I can beta for you~ I'm pretty used to editing stuff RAWR SCHOOL PAPER SUFFERINGS</strike>

Mind if I friend you? XDDD

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Ohh They are so cutee! I lovee them your your story! >.
This fic is so amazing,,
I just found it 5 hours ago,, i reads whole chapters in just one time,,
I just cant stop my self for reading n reading this till it end..
This is so amazing..
Omg, i'm speechless.

U are such a precious writer..!!!

Ohh.. I love this fic so much !!!!
i'm in love with your adorable amazing miracle writing skill..

i love this so much..

and i really anticipating your next fic bb~
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I finish reading this within 10 to 30 minutes... while Rp-Texting my friend and I have to say this is so wonderful that it almost made me cry.... man I love your work T-T <--- strong girl tears
really luv your story honey....keep your faith to kyumin!!! kyumin is real BB!!
haha~ keep the faith to kyumin while your icon is yunjae??
go change it hun, >___________<
thank you for reading ^^

I don't know if they're real LOL but I love this coupling, they so fit together >_________<
one of my fav OTP
hi.. just finished reading all of it

and i loooove it!

haha i almost wantes to grab onto something and throw it though when i read the ending of the last chapter..

so iwas relaly happy reading the epilogus!

i ♥ it!! really!!

hope you'll write more kyumin stories ^^
Hi! i've finished to read all the fic now!! it was so good! i really liked it! too much pain for Kyu, but it is ok XD..

good fic!^^
I just found your fics and i just finished reading it. I like it! It's just a drama but you made it very nice to read with all the complexcity and the right angst you put. Nice!