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The pay for love chapter 7


Pairing : Kyumin, kangteuk, kangmin.

length : 7/9 + epilogue

rating : overall R

genre : romance, angst, drama, SMUT

Disclaimer : the idea is mine, if it has some similarity with other fic, I do apologize, but IT REALLY IS MINE.

Summary :kyuhyun is a genius smart ass, he known with his stubbornness. everything he want must be his. and he found one that he really want, a pretty man who is older than him. Lee Sungmin.

but what will happen when the pretty man he love is actually his cousin's boyfriend?
what trick is up under his sleeve to own the man he love?
could it be that he is just a cold hearted man who selfishly didn't to care about anyone else, including his own cousin?

He took another looked at the white door in front of him. Somehow his mind is too preoccupied with something that bothering him in a way he doesn’t really know. He is in a dazed, but returned soon as he heard slight voice from the inside of the room. A hummed sound. He smiles a bit and sighs before push the button of door’s bell.

A sound of someone running, then a wailed voice that followed by something fell. Kyuhyun chuckles.

When the door finally opened revealing a stunningly beautiful male, he waves his hand.

“hi,” he greet the host of the apartment. The smaller man seemed surprise to find him in front his door.

“what? Am I not allowed to come to this place?” he raise his eyebrow playfully.

“eh-oh, not really.” The brown haired man bit his lip, eyes narrowed to the younger man after a few seconds, “what are you doing here? What if kangin come?!”

Kyuhyun shrugged nonchalantly. He has nothing to say though, he doesn’t want to spill some secret, does he? Who knows what happened right now in his shared apartment..

Walking inside the familiar room kyuhyun pulled off his jacket and put in on the coach, sungmin followed him with suspicious. When the younger man turned his body to face him, he sighed.

“you shouldn’t be here, I’m not taking risk.”

“and what? I better leave and wandered around city like those reckless boys out there?” the sentences caught sungmin attention.

“did something happen?” he asked worriedly. “did you have fight with kangin?” big doe eyes staring at him suspiciously. He was in not a good mood for this.

“which one you were worrying actually? Me or kangin hyung?” he said irritated.

“kyuhyun ah,”

Kyuhyun shrugged him off. He moved to the kitchen to get some drink. The tall handsome man found a can of soju and drank it in one go, he felt a warm hand wrapped around his waist but he ignored it. Call him sensitive, call him selfish, he careless. All sungmin think about was kangin, that thought pissed him off.

The mood swing man pulled away from the dark brown man’s hug to move into the living room. Slamming his tall body on the sofa and pushed the button of the remote TV.

 The corner of his eyes could see how sungmin stood on the entrance of the kitchen and staring at him like a dumped puppy. He sighed in regret, putting his can of soju. He then signaled the older man to come closer.

Sungmin’s face lit up in an expression he can’t read, is it happiness? But kyuhyun shrugged the thought. He felt the smaller figure snuggle closer on his left side, automatically he circling his arm around the smaller body and sniff the nice fragrant into his nostril.

“you can stay here for tonight,” sungmin muttered softly after a few seconds.

Kyuhyun doesn’t respond but tightened his grip on the small body even more. He kissed the crown head tenderly, secretly showing his apologize for his rude attitude a while ago.



“hey, can I bother you for a second?” the heavy voice he recognize belonged to his cousin coming into his ears. Lit his head up from his assignment kyuhyun furrow eyebrows wrinkled into some tight knot. He have a tight schedule, got bothered is the last thing he needed as distraction.

Kangin chuckled awkwardly at the sight of stressed kyuhyun. He leaned on the wooden door as he spoke.

“can you stay out of the apartment for tonight?”

Kyuhyun eyebrows rose up in curiosity. Kangin cough as red taint his cheeks.

“well, I-I.. was kinda inviting leeteuk for a dinner.” Kyuhyun keep his blank face.

“and I cook for him, you know.. today is our 100th day together, so.. I-err.. I need private time with him”

1ooth day together, and you cook for him already? While the last 8 months you shared with sungmin, not even once you cooked him.

Kyuhyun didn’t know, but he was so angry at the conversation. In a quick motion he grabbed his jacket, phone and wallet before stormed out of the room. Spoke in a low tone before he left his cousin to his own business.

“sure hyung, do all you want..” somehow the words come in a dangerous tone.

Before kangin could answered kyuhyun already slam the door of their shared apartment.



He play with the soft locks belonged to the sleeping man in his arm. Once a while he left soft kisses on the crown head.

 “hey, let’s move to your bedroom. Your body will hurt if you sleep like this,” he whispers the loving words in sungmin ears. The sleeping man whine when he disturbed his sleep, but looks like he was too deep in his slumber to digesting the words. Kyuhyun chuckled at the sight, he held sungmin left hand in front of his lips, kissing it gently.

“Looks like I have to carry you,”


Leaving a quick peck on the soft lips, kyuhyun tried his best to sweep the man on his arms without waking him up. Sungmin soon wriggled to found a comfortable spot in kyuhyun’s chest, opening his eyes slightly to catch kyuhyun soft facial before he continued his sleep.

His lips moved to curve up a sweet smile.



“Hi,” he waves his hand to the pouting man. Sungmin was about to open his mouth but kyuhyun already pounced into his apartment.

Sharp glare was sending to freak kyuhyun out, but looks like the younger man already in a happy mood to even realizing that sungmin was glaring at him. He put his things on the couch, thick books, huge bag that filled with things sungmin doesn’t know what and his laptop. Sungmin eyes wandering at the equipment in amazed. He doesn’t even put his attention when kyuhyun pulled him in a quick kiss.

“are you running from home?” asked the smaller man after he broke the kiss. He blinks his eyes adorably. Kyuhyun chuckles lightly, he sent another kiss to the red lips before taking a seat on the empty side of the couch.

“I was in the library when I finally bored and decided to come here,” the younger said nonchalantly. He was already busy taking out his books, full with number that made sungmin dizzy in just one glance.

“you have apartment, your own room, but you choose to come to my place?” the cute man put his hands on his hips, eyebrows raised high.

Kyuhyun ignored the mock and start taking his position on the floor to continue his works. His lips make a secret smirk that sungmin doesn’t realize.

The older man speechless at the younger reckless attitude, but he give in and just let kyuhyun do whatever he wants. He return to the kitchen and start taking out another ingredients, he was on the way to cook for dinner, but looks like he have another tummy to filled.

Since that last night kyuhyun always come to sungmin apartment. Sometimes for a short visit, but sometimes for sleepover. Not that sungmin objected, he even used to have kyuhyun roaming around his apartment and companied him doing anything. The presence somehow make him forgot about kangin, and his affair with leeteuk.

Kyuhyun made his days more colorful. He smiles a lot, despite their continues bickering, he can’t help but enjoying their times. He still has his phone conversation with kangin, but it less entertaining than kyuhyun mischievous act to gain all his attention. If sungmin added the hot kisses and sexy make out, it could included as heavens in his dictionary.

He met kangin on the college, having their time as lovers, then when he came home he will see kyuhyun waiting patiently on his door. The evening sight full with orange, red and purple added kyuhyun tall body and dark orbs quickly steal his heartbeat.

It doesn’t beat for kangin anymore, since when, he doesn’t know. It was only racing faster by the step he took to see the younger man closer. When their fingers touched. When their eyes met. When he felt the warm kisses on his eyelids down to his lips.

Sinfully beautiful.



‘I’ll come to his place this afternoon.’

The short message was sending to his cellphone a while ago, reminding kyuhyun. Leeteuk will come again in their place, that was why he go to the familiar place he used to stay for the last weeks. Sungmin’s apartment.

It’s his job to distract the pretty man while leeteuk seduce kangin and steal more of his time.

Their plan was doing fine all this time. Everything is according to the plans they made, kyuhyun closed his eyes, resting his brain from another tough subject.

Then why he felt these weird feeling of insecurity? Every time he met with the older man, leeteuk didn’t brave to look at him in the eyes. Not even when they met alone to discuss their next move.

‘Everything will be fine, right?’ his heart jumped in places, it’s so uncomfortable. He have sungmin’s attention already, he can feel it. From how the smaller man saw him with different eyes, how he responded to his kisses, how he took the first move to their intimate scene.

Just a little bit more… a little bit more…

“Your eyebrows wrinkled.” Kyuhyun opened his eyes at the soft caring voice.

His eyes met with his affair partner, who staring at him with worried. Sungmin is so pretty, he smiles at he saw. Right hand rose up to touch the pink adorable cheek. The latter close his eyes, surrender on the touch.

“I want to kiss you,” he mumbled almost inaudible. But sungmin heard him.

Kyuhyun stayed on his spot, watching how sungmin oh so sexily crawling at him. The smaller man took his position to straddle kyuhyun’s lap, legs on each of kyuhyun’s waist. Hands raised on the other neck to secure his body. Kyuhyun held the petite waist possessively, squishing the smooth waist under the slightly opened shirt.

 He loves this man to the core, he said to his mind, eyes lovingly stared at the man on his lap. He could easily ensure himself to suicide if he doesn’t get the same amount of feeling.

Sungmin tilt his head to the side as he lean forward. Slowly closing their gap, in second he could already felt the moist lips. He nibbled the upper lip, hands pulling sungmin closer. The other tongue curiously licking his lips and he grant the request, he opened his mouth to welcome it. His left hand rose to grip onto the soft hair and massaging the nape.

Soon, the kissing scene turned to a sensual battle. Tongues lapping each other, fighting a dominant with hungry groans filled the air. Kyuhyun pulled sungmin’s hip up so that he can reposition their body again. Grinding their groins together in a swift movement, he earned a sweet moan. Sungmin broke their kiss, half lidded eyes met kyuhyun lusty eyes.

“want you,” kyuhyun whispered. The other gave no response, but sungmin ducked in to kiss him again, this time more fierce.

Discarded clothes, moans, groans, kyuhyun was more than please when sungmin slammed his body up and down in a fast speed. Kyuhyun helped him by holding the waist and bucked up his hips to meet the hot hole in the mid way. His tightened his grip as the pace got faster and harder.



Their lips meeting in a messy kiss, and sungmin let out a gasp when kyuhyun hit his sweet spot again and again. He could see the younger smirked, he really want to smack that face off but the pleasure he received was so hard to ignore. He snuggled his face on the wide shoulder to hide his wanton moans.

If this was more with love, it will be the best make love ever… sungmin arch his body to the back. Gritting his teeth to held his moans to get louder. His small body rock up and down in a steady pace.

“aahhh…k-kyuu..ngghh..ahhh…” he took a glance at kyuhyun. Their eyes met and sungmin felt his body become weaker and melt into the stare.

But he knew the otherwise. Kyuhyun was only treating him nothing but a fling. A game, when he hardly decided what to call their affair.

No love word has said. So he just bit his lip tightly, afraid of loose control and spit the three words unintentionally.

He loves kyuhyun. That was the last thing he expecting. His less attention for kangin.. it’s the first clue he realized. The needy feeling to see kyuhyun was killing him. 

His love for kyuhyun was the reason why he let the younger man intruding his apartment almost every day. He could careless if one day kangin come and found their sneaky affair, but that will make kyuhyun relationship with kangin get worst. Sungmin will not want that happen. Until that day come, he have to think of something.

But, before that could happen… he really want to know something.

Will kyuhyun love him back?



Kyuhyun let a deep groaned when he come into sungmin warm hole. While the smaller man shiver from the pleasure. Their eyes locked, and kyuhyun move to kiss the older man softly, playing with the hot cavern and sneaky tongue. Their kisses are wet and sloopy. He can felt that sungmin isn’t release his load yet, the hardness pressed on his stomach was the proof.

So he move his hands while not breaking their lipslock. He touch the tip of the member and stroke it slowly, he chuckled when he earned a whine from the dark brown haired man. Doesn’t want to make sungmin suffer more, he fastened the pace of his stroking. The body soon tensed and squirmed uncomfortably before release it’s seed on their stomach. Sungmin pulled away from their wet kiss and lay weakly on his shoulder, breathless from another hot and amazing sex.

I love you sungmin... he really want to say it loudly, but there’s something in his chest that make the words left on the tip of his tongue unspoken.

Their eyes met, sungmin eyes shouting a love confession that kyuhyun hardly to ignore. The eyes he used to see whenever the older man staring at his cousin, he hates it, because he knew the stare wasn’t for him. He move slightly but the movement only make the man on his chest moan.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m still in you,” kyuhyun hurriedly pushing sungmin’s body to kneeled as he want to pulled his member out, but sungmin stopped him. Weak smile decorating the flustered face,

“let’s stay like this for a while,”


“I’m fine..”

Sungmin smile sweetly when he heard the younger male sighed in defeat then hugged him closer.


I love you… kyuhyun ah,

Sungmin close his eyes.



The dark brown eyes seemed in a deep trance. His auburn hair swung lightly at the moves of the strong wind. The whether a bit cold as it started moving to autumn, and he stood lifelessly on the balcony of his apartment. He doesn’t do anything to reduce the cold, ignoring the chill through his spine his eyes just staring at nothing in front of him. Heart clouded with strong feeling of sadness.

His mind playing the scene in the other day, where he left his heart for a man he loved. It maybe broke into pieces right now, he smile bitterly.


“can’t you break up with sungmin?”

Kangin head shot up at his sudden question. His eyes locked gaze with the light brown haired man who standing on his door.

“why do you have to bring it up again?” kangin growled in dismay. He buttoned up his shirt, avoiding leeteuk heating gaze in the process.

“you said you love me! then why can’t you break up with him?”

The bigger man in the edge of the bed ruffled his hair. “ I can’t, I just can’t!”

“Is that mean that you don’t love me enough?” he knew he is so low for saying this. but he can’t hold it any longer. The plan, everything is perfect. But the other side of him really can’t stand the treat. What is he? A back up lover? Used when the other need him and left when the satisfaction full filled?

Why can’t he win over lee sungmin?? What did sungmin has that he didn’t?

“No! leeteuk, don’t say that.. I love you,”

The tears perked up on the corner of his eyes. It showed pain, jealousy, anger, which part of him that not shouting those things?

“Then why can’t you choose me over him!!” he choked on his own voice. Kangin widened his eyes, slowly he approached the hurting man. The tears threatening to fall any second, and he dislike it.

“Is he that precious?” leeteuk continued. His body too weak to supported his body that the thin body finally fall down on the floor.

Even though his body felt weak, it’s different with his eyes. The strong gaze fixed to the guilty kangin who stood a step in front of him.

“If he was that precious then leave me and just return to him!! don’t treat me like this!!”

His tears fell, but he made no attempt to wiped it from his cheeks. His heart broke, his pride crushed, what else left for him?

“I hate you.. kangin ah” he cried.

Then he left the apartment, leaving the freeze kangin stood still on his spot.


The buzzing sound of his cell phone on the table in the living room brought his consciousness again. He pushed his body to move, despite his unwillingness to feel the warmth in the room. He wanted to kill the emotion with the cold whether, want to live like a statue or else he will remember about kangin again.

When his eyes stared at the name flashing in his cell phone’s display, leeteuk stood lifeless. He doesn’t want to speak with the person in the moment, but his brain said the opposite.

Doesn’t he want to end this complicated situation?

Leeteuk flip open the dark blue device, voice hoarse from the too much cry. “kyuhyun ah, can you come to my place now?”



“I gave up.”

Kyuhyun looked back at the elder in a sharp glare.


“I don’t want to continue this again. I don’t want to get hurt more,”

“hyung, we almost success,” kyuhyun tried to persuade.

Leeteuk cold and pale face showed no interest anymore. He was tired with all of this. The older man looked up toward the handsome man In front of him.

“maybe you should give up too, kyu”

“NO!” kyuhyun shot up on his place. His face stiffed, a slight of anger could be seen on the face.

For this once, leeteuk doesn’t think that kyuhyun is dangerous. He looked into the black orbs like reading an open book. He was just foolishly in love, a stupid innocent and selfish boy who finally had the interest of something that unfortunately doesn’t belong to him.

“how many times do you need to realized it? he belong to kangin. They belong to each other,” leeteuk replied in a hopeful tone. Hope that kyuhyun just surrender and moving on.

There are still many man and woman out there, right?

His heart felt hurt at his own words. Totally a lie, he doesn’t know how many times he will need to forget about the bigger man.

The memory of kangin’s laugh, smile, tease, warmth, it broke leeteuk cold face to a sad one.

“I’m not going to gave up.”

“stop hurting yourself kyu, don’t you feel hurt too whenever you see sungmin with kangin? You saw it with your own eyes how they still love each other, cuddling like nothing happen between you and him.”

Kyuhyun speechless with the outburst. He saw how leeteuk eyes glittered with tears.

“you’re just the third party. Like me. we’re nothing, we are just stupid people who lie to ourselves that we have a chance,”

“something useless,” the elder continued.

Kyuhyun took his jacket and left leeteuk’s apartment. Leeteuk’s words stopped him when he was about to close the door.

“I’ll tell kangin about us. Our plan. You better realize that whatever you do is useless, kyu.”

The door slammed.



“you’re just the third party. Like me. we’re nothing, we are just stupid people who lie to ourselves that we have a chance,”

“something useless,” the elder continued.

Useless?? Useless he said?? Kyuhyun broke into laughs. People around him staring at him weirdly, but he doesn’t care. He took a deep breath to steadying his performance, the laugh disappear.

None of my plan is useless. I’ll show him that..

His determinant eyes are staring at the tall building across the street. His orbs wandered to a certain window. His heart beat fast, his fingers that make a fist shaking due to his worries.

He is mine..no one else but me..

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OMG :((

I'm so busy not to realise your update recently :((

I love this chap so much. Finally Sungmin knew who was his true love ^^

Even though Leeteuk wanna give up, I'm sure Kangin would choose him over Sungmin T^T

Great job! I love you <3

P.S: If you remember :D, I'm the one who's trans your fic to share wth my friend :D I've just finish Chap 4 :( (And damn the 4rum back up and lost all the comments :(( )- forget it. I'll work wth Chap 5 and give you my friends' comments soon.

Fighting~~ (I need time to read Chap 7 and 8 and 9 *--* )
Love you babe <3
of course I remember you ^^
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I'm sooo happy when seeing your updates <3333
This is pure awesome!!! so BEAUTIFUL & HOT! XDDDDDDDDDD.
Yayyyy... It's about time & Minnie finally realized who his heart truly belongs to! XD
I totally agree with Leeteuk! Kyu was "just foolishly in love, a stupid innocent and selfish boy who finally had the interest of something that unfortunately doesn’t belong to him" T___T My poor little boy! I love how you described his emotion :3 I can see how he was just so madly in love & felt insecure about everything! :(( The most important thing is Minnie love him back now! XD
you missed for too long T___T
and i will be the one who missing next XD

just 100th days and kangin cooks...
whats with the 8 months???
is like Min cooks for kangin while kangin cooks for teukie -__-|||

yah! what's wrong with them...
they should have just confess and the kangmin will end, while teukie wouldn't get hurt this much!
Kangin made Leeteuk cry. So sad. It must really hurt. Kangin and Min should stop lying to themselves and stop hurting Teuk and Kyu.
So happy your backk. :]
It's me again XD~

I've updated Chap 7 to my friends. And here's what they says^^:

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Finally Min recognized how he loved Kyu.
OMG the fool couple who are in love wth each other but no one told the important thing.
Poor Teukie decided to break wth Kangin.
And Kangin still be waivering between teuk and Min.
All of them are so piteous.



Another long comment (^^) the story is going more and more attractive.

It's out of my imagination that the author deploy the plan of KyuTeuk instead of Sungmin's. At the beginning of this Chap, Pi have some strange feelings but cannot make clear. From the beginning till the middle of this chap is something weird, uncontinuous, and cannot be anticipated.

maybe, it's what Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Eeteuk had in the fic - the weird, uncontinuous and cannot-be-anticipated love.

At least Sungmin must ask himself if Kyuhyun loved him. I know it will come to an end haha, always wonder "Does he love me?". So stupid, the outstanding ones with such perfect plan finally just be the ephemera who rushed into love without know its dangerousness.

At the end of this chap, the KyuMin scenes make my day. Their feelings full of happiness and sadness, they came up and down, full of happiness but soon melt just like smoke. It make readers touched but discomfort.

About Teuk, although author did not discribe his feeling throughout all the fic but the core at the end helps us know how he suffered from all of this. He was hurt, hurt in silence, without letting anyone know. His hurt including jealousity and anger. No matter how he's tolerant, he cannot see Kangin and Sungmin's love and express no feelings. So..., he decided to give up... but cannot tell something in advance. I'm curious what author will let Teuk do the next step?

We can see that KangMin love looks like sex more than pure love. It becomes more and more clear. The beautiful relationship is actually all lies. I have a feeling that Sungmin's no longer enjoyed having sex wth Kangin.

Kyuhyun, he lied to himself with something he himself worried about it. Though he had Sungmin at his side. but then when Sungmin knew the truth, what will happen? maybe, he will lose him... forever...

Let's wait!

Love the author [and the trans too XD~]

P.S: this time author closed mind made me cannot guess anything >"
awwww...<33333 them all ^^ (esp pi *hug*)
thank u for made my day~
after whole lawsuit thing about DBSK, make my head dizzy and numb *sigh*

hey, I have had update the epilogue too, hope you enjoy the twist *smirks*

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Oh yes, I MUST enjoy the epilogue.
BTW, look down kekee ~~~

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From sjcouple.net


Min knew his feeling but seems that Kang still in complex. Since last chap, Kang's love for Teuk is really deep enough to do anything. However, when Teuk mentioned Min, Kang felt uneasy.

So, it is because he's such a greedy guy, or his love for Teuk is not deep enough, or.. maybe he's afraid of hurting Sungmin? I must say the truth that Kangin's so complicated and can-not-be-understood.

Both Min and Kyu were self-opinionated, or so called afraid of being refused.

Min cannot say he loved Kyu because he's afraid Kyu did not love him back. He's afraid if he told Kyu, everything would come to an end. He's afraid of being one-side in love.

Stupid Kyu, regardless of anything to have Sungmin but did not tell he love him could make all your effort be zero. Did you know?? Maybe he's afraid of being refused.

You guys both stupid. Love in hurt. And even caused others hurt.

Teuk decided! After he told the truth, all of them would break up, or would come to a new chapter in their life?

Au fighting^^



I like this chap most of all, reading makes me happy and also so sad.
I like the way Kyu treat Min, so possesive however so gentle.
I love the feelings of them both when having sex. It's so touch.
And the last scene,too. How stupid Kyu!!!
Poor Min, but I think the poorest is Teuk. He's gentle and always felt complex about his guilty.
Thanks au for wonderful fic^^.

Awrgg DONE XD~
I love u so much^^

*hug u tightly*
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love them all.. they all were so compassionate with this story ^^
their POV really amused me *___*

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