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the pay for love - chapter 1


Pairing : Kyumin, kangteuk, kangmin.

length : 1/? (but this is only miniseri, so don't worry, it will finish in a while ^^)

rating : pg-13  - NC-17

genre : romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer : the idea is mine, if it has some similarity with other fic, I do apologize, but IT REALLY IS MINE.

Summary :kyuhyun is a genius smart ass, he known with his stubborness. everything he want must be his. and he found one that he really want, a pretty man who is older than him. Lee Sungmin.

but what will happen when the pretty man he love is actually his cousin's boyfriend?
what trick is up under his sleeve to own the man he love?
could it be that he is just a cold hearted man who selfishly didn't to care about anyone else, including his own cousin?


The day was bright as the wind breeze gently. While the sun placed itself above the sky showering the city with its shine. That day was nowhere near fun, as long as he remember, he have deadline to caught, many project to re-plan, more assignment to submit, he felt like blew up from too much stressed.

He can’t complain, this is the decision he made by himself, despite his parents wish for him to choose business over math. His dream is to be a scientist, and once he set up his mind, nothing could change it. His parents had proven that.

That afternoon, in the middle of his limited times, he walked in a fast pace, while balancing the pile of papers on his hands. He cursed under his breath for the teacher’s building placed far behind the main building. Because of that, he have to walked for more than 50 meters only to put his half finished and needed to sign assignment before his next class which will start in about, he peeked at the small watch on his left wrist, 3 minutes.


And to put more stress in his tired mind and body, the weather choose the wrong time to breeze his strong wind and made his papers flying into different ways. He exhaled hard, desperately when he saw the discarded papers all over the road in front of him.

Can it be worst than this??

Put the tidy papers on his hand on the floor, he bent down to grabs all the white sheets with grumbles escaped his lips.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw another pair of hands helping him from beside him. A pair of small hands, looks smooth and enchanting, when he looked up, it feels like time is slowing its movement to zero. He blinks his eyes at the sight of blonde man whom back is facing him. He can’t see the face, but something caught him off guard just by the view of the slender body with pink shirt.

The man turned his body to his, and finally their eyes met.

He can’t describe the feeling. He feels..everything. His stomach fluttered, his heart skip a beat, the sparks, the unfamiliar shiver through his spine.

“yours..” the blonde man said with a sweet smile across his face gracefully.

He can’t speak.

“thanks,”  is what he finally can say.

He stood up on his spot at the sight of the slender back disappearing into the corner. He can’t tore his eyes away, it’s stuck just like that. As the man gone, the stranger also took his heart away by that second.

In the mean time, he already had his decision, that it is him. He wants him.


The second time they met, it was surprising though to find him in front of his apartment door. Hand in hand with his cousin.

He eyed the taller man, who holding the blonde man’s waist possessively. He didn’t know how to response when his cousin speaking.

“Kyuhyun-ah, let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend, Lee Sungmin.”

His eyes shifted to the said man, many indescribable feeling come and go so fast. His brain for once stopped working, and all he knew is one.

His nightmare has just begun.


The pay for Love


He eyed from the corner of his eyes what the smaller man is doing in the small kitchen of his shared apartment with his cousin. The blonde man is wearing a bright yellow apron, huge smile and sweet hummed came out of his lips, brought a small secret smile upon kyuhyun’s lips.

He was just coming back from college to find his cousin’s boyfriend cooking. It is an ordinary sight that happen twice or three times a week, but somehow kyuhyun can’t accept it that easy. He has another problem to handle then a not really stranger roaming around his apartment.

His skipping heart.

“Where is kangin hyung?” he ask as he made his way to the small kitchen, opened the refrigerator to took a coke.

“I told him to bought us fruits for desserts. I don’ t know that he will took a long time only for shopping,” the smaller man answering without turned to face him.

Kyuhyun took a sip of his beverage while still staring at the slender back. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and it left in the air as a thought played itself in his mind.

How is the feel of hugging him?

Trapped in dazed, unconsciously he took a step closer, when he stood a feet away from the blonde, he stop. His nose inhaling the sweet scent of lavender shampoo with his eyes closed.

“it’s done! Kyu-“

kyuhyun heard a gasp. He opened his eyes only to go wider. Both eyes widened at the closed distance. Kyuhyun can’t breathing, he didn’t dare.

Hence, no one is moving. Two eyes are having their intense competition of staring.

Kyuhyun didn’t know, that sungmin is so small against him. It feels like he can crush him by squeezing him. His hands itchy to rose up and touch the red plump lips, the pointy nose, the white cheeks. His breath grew heavier. And so does his heart.

How long did he stalking him? Since the first time kangin introduce the man to him, kyuhyun can’t help but counting days of his broken heart. 133 days, 4 and half month. He is getting tired with it, looking at sungmin tiptoed on his feet to kiss kangin, hearing him laughing whenever kangin told him jokes, or hearing him moaning under his cousin inside kangin’s bedroom.

He is sick.

Unconsciously he tilted his face to side a little, eyes half closed as his face moving nearer to the still stiffed man. Kyuhyun can feel the other breath on his nose. Hell, that only turned him on more.

Their distance only a mere of inches when the front door open and a loud of greeting of kangin echo through the small apartment.

Kyuhyun backed away as reflex, while sungmin return to his cooking, both blushing. Kyuhyun ruffled his hair in depressed and regret, he inhale deeply. He looks at sungmin for the last time before made his way out of the kitchen. Kangin greet and asking him when they met on the way, but all kyuhyun want to do is shouting with all his might and locked himself in his room. So he said nothing to the innocent kangin and leave his cousin who raising his eyebrows in confusion.



He is typing with full concentration on his laptop. Ears stuffed with earphone, upbeat songs filling his ears made him deaf to his surrounding. He has no leisure time, there’s a proposal to submit on the next days, and he just have an idea by this morning. He didn’t even hear the front door opened and a blonde man walked in cautiously. When there’s a shadow hovering him, kyuhyun finally looked up. His face is showing no emotion as the newcomer put a nervous face.

“uhm, wh-where is kangin?”

“You are the boyfriend,” kyuhyun answered shortly and return his attention to his laptop again.

Unknown to the blonde man, kyuhyun turn off his music and pretending to continue his work while actually all his attention is on the sighing male. From the slight movement he knew that the older man pouting and looking at the grocery on his arms he bought for their dinner.

He had the urge to bark in and saying the truth, but he can’t. He is the third party. So he will just watching from far.


A plate of cut up apple served in front of him. kyuhyun tried hard not to show any interest for he know that the older man is eyeing him intensely. When sungmin finally leave to the kitchen again, kyuhyun dare himself to stare longingly at his back.

Since the incident in the kitchen, they get awkward to each other. If before they rarely talked, now there’s a thick barrier separating them. Kyuhyun hate to admit it, but he is regretting his stupidity that time.

Now there’s a glass of orange juice shoved in front of his face. Kyuhyun tilted his head upward to locked eyes with the older man.


Wasn’t that the first word he spoke to him months ago?

Response nothing, he was just staring at him despite the other’s uneasiness.

Sungmin bit his lips nervously, he shoved the glass again, pushing kyuhyun to accepting the beverage. Being kyuhyun, he still stunned on his position, and when sungmin uncomfortably putting the glass on the table, kyuhyun caught his hand.

There’s a sparks on his body and shiver run through his spine at the feeling of sungmin’s soft hand in his. Smooth, small, fragile.

“Let me go, kyu,” sungmin tried to struggle, but only make kyuhyun pulled him down and stumble to him.

Sungmin’s body met his chest. Kyuhyun dare, sungmin must realize how fast his heart skips. He ignore it, his left hand rose to hug the small back of the smaller man to bring their body closer.

“Are you fighting with kangin hyung?”

kyuhyun question made sungmin stop wriggling out of his arms. The younger man loved the feeling. He nuzzled his nose on the blonde hair softly, soothing him.

“It’s just an usual quarrel, “ kyuhyun hear the whisper against his chest.

“Care to share with me?”

A silent moment. Kyuhyun put his chin on top of sungmin’s head, patiently waiting for any answer.

“There’s nothing to share. I told you it was just an ordinary quarrel..”

“And I warn you to let me go, kyu..” sungmin continued.

Sighing softly, kyuhyun released the stubborn man, plug in the earphones on his ears again and back working his assignment.

“I hate you,” he heard sungmin speaking, but he ignore it. Or at least pretend to ignore it.

Because little did sungmin know, kyuhyun’s fingers trembling at the words.



Kyuhyun was walking in the backyard, he shoved in his cell phone in his pocket when his steps stopped abruptly at the familiar voices near the pond behind the college. He took a step closer, when he saw what was happen, he did nothing but staring at the sight of two people he knew shouting and yelling at each other. The smaller male pushing the taller man’s chest until the latter stumble on his feet and almost fell if the guardrail didn’t held his body.

Both sent a pierce glare toward each other. The next seconds, he saw his cousin left his boyfriend in the pond alone. Kyuhyun saw the blonde man lowered his head, he tried not to move, but his feet moving itself at the thought that he might cry.

He grab the small hand in his, startling the smaller man.

“what are you doing in here?” questioned sungmin.



“You can cry if you want,”

Sungmin raised one of his eyebrows, a cute smile appeared on his pretty face as chuckle followed.

“Who said I want to cry?” softly he tugged his hand out of kyuhyun’s grip.

Kyuhyun kept the hand in his when he speak,

“You are stubborn, aren’t you?”

Sungmin blinks rapidly. A sly like fox smirk showed clearly on his face.

“Oh, like I never knew. Tell me something new?” he kept tugging out his hand.

Kyuhyun took a deep breath. “You can lean on me if you want,”

Sungmin stopped struggling, his big doe eyes searching for something in the younger man’s dark brown orbs. He lowered his gaze when he found nothing though, but a sincerely mirrored in it.

Shifting his eyes to left and right in inconvenience, slowly sungmin stumble his body to the front. Kyuhyun put his arm around sungmin slender waist, inhaling sungmin sweet scent who groaned inside the younger male’s arms. Sungmin felt secure, a wrong feeling, but enjoyed enough to feel. Sungmin closed his eyes, he sighs in pleasure when kyuhyun brought their body closer. Into the heat of warmth that different from kangin’s.


A few days later, kyuhyun hear laughter from the inside of kangin’s bedroom. He didn’t care though, he is going to open his bedroom but paused when he heard kangin soft voice calling for another name so lovingly.

“I love you..I really do, teukie..”

The grip on the door’s knob loosened up and fell limp on the side of his body, his body tensed. Moving back slowly, Kyuhyun leaned his back on the wall outside kangin’s bedroom. Woke up from his trance, his brain working fast, digesting all the information he could gather and find a conclusion.

A small smirk coming it’s way onto his lips.

A/N : comment ppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee......???? *puppy dog eyes*


Kangmin then kangteuk~not forgetting KyuMin!my fav's hehe~
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but I always love Love at first sight,somehow it felt romantic.

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thx 4 reading ^^
Hi, it's me XD

The comments for this first chap from my friends at sjcouple.net, Vietnamese fansite for SJ couple XD :D

Fr hyunnie_minnie_13:

OMG what conclusion could it be???

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I love the characteristic of the KM couple

Kyu seems to be so ambitious, and like au said, he wanna take possession of anything he wants.

And Sungmin in spire of being the uke^^, he seems to strong not to be fragile.

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Fr ^^LittlePea^^:

In this fic author have special good vocabulary. The plot and the style's rather strange for a KM fic. Begin wth a sad scene and the come a surprise meet. It's not familiar to many other original fic (totally pinkie romance). So it makes readers curious and wanna read more, even to Kangin's situation.

And everyone must be curious about the trick of Kyuhyun.

This a can-not-be-missed fic!

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Arg... Just because I've just translated the first chap T__T

Hope you be satisfied wth the comments??? (Plssss)

Love you :X

you must be good at translate it ^^
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I'll try update soon, I've just finished my hanchul, so probably in 2 days? not promise though, since I have part time job in the next 3 weeks, I'm afraid I can't update as much as these days..T^T

tell me the progress okay? *hugs*